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   Our story is one of serendipity. We came to Hawai’i by way of Charlotte, NC in 2016 to be closer to family. Then, in 2017, DaddyBird took his guitar and went busking at a market on the Island of Hawai’i. Josiah and Briella wanted to join in on ukulele and vocals. At first we were just busking for fun.

   Then came the volcanic eruption of 2018 in the Lower Puna District and we fled to the Island of O’ahu. Needing to make a little money on the side, we grabbed our instruments and took to the streets. We attracted quite a crowd, and it kept growing each day as folks spread the word about our happy family creative endeavor. Soon people started asking us what our band was called. So we decided to make it official!

   The Free Little Birds have been performing in world-famous Waikiki ever since, playing an eclectic blend of originals and covers in genres ranging from folk to soul, gospel to roots, rock to reggae! Our fans appreciate our musical message of peace, love, unity, and social justice. We have become a staple of the Waikiki strip, performing three days a week, and we never tire of bringing joy to the crowd through our music.


   We didn’t plan to stay in Hawai’i forever, but now we can’t imagine ourselves leaving. The natural beauty of the islands speaks to our souls, the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables sustain our bodies, and we have found our new home in the diverse community here.


   We weren’t looking to start a band; it just kind of happened by accident. But destiny often announces itself in the form of accidents and small choices, and fortunately, we heeded its call. Our little family band continues to be a wonderful outlet for creative expression and a way to share our passion with the world. We hope to entertain and inspire you, too!


   As a baby in the mountains of North Carolina, Briella was constantly surrounded by musicians, often attending gatherings and potlucks, or going busking with her dad. She grew up thinking that playing music was something everyone could do—as natural as walking and talking. She received her first ukulele at the age of 1, and she’s been

playing and singing ever since.

   Now, as a 13 year-old homeschool student, Briella has taken great strides in improving her musical skills. In addition to ukulele, she plays guitar, piano, and harmonica. She has developed a rich, deep singing voice that is strikingly powerful for one so young.

   When she’s not doing music, Briella enjoys sewing, painting, cooking, and photography. She has a special affinity for animals, birds in particular, and loves to make people smile!


   Josiah, 11 years old, is our band’s bassist. Inspired by his big sister, he started singing as

a small child and playing on whatever instruments were around. He now plays ukulele, guitar, harmonica, and piano in addition to the bass.


   A studious musician, Josiah has impressed many adults with his musical maturity. He never looks at his hands while he plays, and for his age, he possesses a remarkable ability to focus and stay on task.


   When he’s not playing music or doing 

homeschool, Josiah likes to stay ACTIVE! He loves all kinds of sports and enjoys going to the beach or on hikes with the family. The out-of-doors is his true home. He also enjoys playing with LEGO and remote control cars.

   Hailing from Asheville, NC, Kevin is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist. His love of music awakened when he was a child, singing in church choirs. As an adult, he taught himself to play guitar by busking and jamming with fellow


   Kevin is a graduate of the classical guitar program at Central Piedmont Community College, and recently received a degree in music from the University of Hawai'i. But his proudest accomplishments to date are his two kids (and band-mates), Briella and Josiah!


   He didn’t really teach them to play music per se; he just let them tag along while he was playing (whether street busking, performing in classical guitar concerts, or just jamming at home) and encouraged them to pick up instruments and sing. They naturally developed into musicians by participating, not knowing what they were doing (until they DID.)


   Every day they inspire Kevin to be a better human, and he hopes to impart to them the skills, experiences, and wisdom necessary to live a complete and fulfilled life.


   Mom doesn’t play or sing with The Free Little Birds, but she is a great asset to our family and our band!


   She is our manager, teacher, chauffeur, and Chief Executive Nurturer. She provides a practical and grounding influence, which is very helpful when you have three different strong, creative personalities jumping in many different directions at once! She helps us to focus and always gives us the support we need to fulfill our vision.


  Meredith loves to see the growth and development of her children and her husband in their musical endeavors. When she is not supporting their music, she is spending her time homeschooling the children, preparing nutritious meals, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors in Hawaii.


   The amount of joy that The Free Little Birds bring to those who are watching is a true confirmation for Mom that everyone is fulfilling their purpose.

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