"Happy Songs,

Sweet Voices and

Amazing Presence!"

Jessica from Ohio

"The best

street entertainers

in Waikiki."

Wayne from New South Wales

"A beautiful family 

spreading positivity!"

Melaina from Kentucky


especially the little girl,

so bright, so confident,

what a voice!"

Joseph from Victoria

"What a

wonderful example

of beautiful humans."

Madonna from Australia

"Genuine and Pure."

Cassie from Waipio

The Free Little Birds Showcase
동영상 보기

"Absolutely amazing!

Such an awesome experience."

Taylor from Pennsylvania


We are The Free Little Birds, a family band based out of Honolulu, Hawaii

We have been a staple on the world-famous strip

of Waikiki since 2018, performing an eclectic blend

of originals and covers in genres ranging

from folk to soul, gospel to reggae! 

Our musical message is one of

Peace, Love, Unity, and Social Justice

We hope The Free Little Birds are

an inspiration to you and the world!

"Highlight of my night each time I’ve seen them!"

Daniel from Wahiawa


"The best music I've heard

in my life!"

Ryoto from Japan

Summer 2021 Events


 The Free Little Birds

are back at it with epic street performances.


You can find us across from the

Moana Surfrider Resort and Spa three days a week. 

Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. 

7-10 p.m.

We are now available to book weddings!

So if you are looking for traditional classical or

modern contemporary to walk the aisle to, 

oldies, soul and reggae to jam during the post ceremony,

keep the  The Free Little Birds

in mind for a good time.

"Boy can that girl sing!"

Michael from USA

Thank You for Your Support!

"Absolutely brilliant!

Made our stay in

Waikiki fantastic."

Rasmus from Sweden







"Absolutely AMAZING!"

Kristie from Canada